Day 1: 9/6/16

Day 1 of the Whole30 and everything feels fine so far.  


What did I eat:

Capicola egg cups with bell pepper

Banana (2)

Hard boiled egg(s) (2)

Green tea (For that caffeine. Not because coffee isn’t Whole30 compliant, because it definitely is. Mainly because I ran out and am too lazy to go to the store again.  I have seen enough of the grocery store trying to prepare for this blasted diet)

Shepherd's pie with Sweet Potato Topping


I cheated and had a cig this morning, but instead of my lunch time cigarette I chewed a piece of nicotine gum. I know it's not Whole30 compliant, for all you purists out there. But I am trying to change a lot of things! Hopefully my immune system understands.




Since we were off this Monday for Labor Day, I figured I would take this time to prep some food items. There is nothing as deadly to a diet as a blood sugar crash.  If I get hangry, I’m eatin’ whatever is closest.  Diet be damned! In an effort to make sure this doesn’t happen, my boyfriend and I took the time to have some prepared foods ready just in case hunger struck. I also made a few things to make food prep a much shorter process.  I already love to cook, but since I am already removing so many things I love from my diet I don’t need to be able to have an excuse for any sort of cheating on this meal plan.


What did I make in preparation:


Ranch seasoning

Herby tomato reduction/paste (to flavor soups and sauces)

Caramelized onions

Hard boiled eggs

Capicola egg cups

Carrot sticks


Diced onions

Chopped sweet potato

Chopped white potato

Italian style pork chops

Shepherd's pie w/ sweet potato topping (½ sweet and white) and broccoli no peas

Turkey and pork meat loaf


I think it's too soon for me to feel the sugar and nicotine withdrawal, but I know that shit is coming, and I am prepared.  Probably not a great idea to start a sugar fast the week my period is supposed to start but there is not really anything I can do about that.  It’s fine. Right?!


I am not starving, but in the moments where things are slow I do find myself thinking about food.  I have never done a diet for my health before.  Only vanity.  So I feel much more compelled to make sure that I am doing this thing right.  Even though it is costly to buy food that is not garbage, the money that I won’t be spending on alcohol and ice cream will surely make a difference.