Spiralizing: A Confession

Don’t buy a cheap spiralizer if you intend to make sweet potato noodles.  Not that I know from personal  experience *wink wink*


That is the story of how a cheap spiralizer died an untimely and gruesome death.


It is also a very intense arm workout.  I only paid $10 bucks for this spiralizer and it shows! The hand cranking experience was borderline sweaty.  Now, are you wondering if zoodles are worth it?


The verdict: they a’ight.


This should not discourage from seeking out your own spiralizer, buying a fuck ton of zucchini, and going on your own zoodle journey.  I am glad that I had a low carb option for my Whole 30 compliant meatballs and marinara sauce. I just wish that zucchini wasn’t so damp? Water logged? Practically flavorless?

All of that aside, I will attempt to make other vegetable noodles until I find one that works for me. I feel a bomb ass cucumber salad coming my way...