Sugar Shack Doughnuts: An #RVA Institution

Working in a typical American office means that you have constant access to sugary and fatty treats at all times.  When vendors come by they love to bring treats.  When employees are bored over the weekend they bake too much and need to bring in the excess.  SOmetimes you stopped off for coffee and you see the dozen pack of muffins are marked down.  It is truly a vicious cycle.


Today, I would like to know all about the doughnuts that were dropped off by a vendor. But I will refrain, because I am on a mission.  However, I see a doughnut topped with M&M’s and I do not even know that means. Is it like paradise? Is it impossible to eat, because round candy on a curved surface? My inquiring mind is churning.  I would like to know how that doughnut feels in my mouth.  I will refrain though. I am not as compelled to cheat on this diet I have been in the past. Mainly because this diet is not about weight loss, it is about making a change in my gut and maybe through some sort of hocus pocus, my immune system will stop attacking my nerves.   Am I becoming more mature? Probably not...


My friend Carolyn, told me to stay strong because M&M’s are overrated, but all I can think of is….what if they are peanut butter M&M’s-- that is a very important candy.

I did take my week two progress photo and I have not compared it to Day 1.  I am going to wait to look at them all together once this madness is done.  Because if I look before the challenge is over II will be disappointed at how little of a difference a week makes, and remaining focused will be too much of a struggle.