Thought that the phone that I dropped in the toilet on one occasion and then spilled beer all over one week later was making a full recovery. Leave it to me to get to excited about something that is definitely a lost cause…


After going to a local “iPhone guy”  I never took it out of my purse. The final diagnosis from the friendly clerk was “nah girl”.  Whilst rummaging through my poorly organized bag I discovered it.  I decided I would see if I could turn it on.  It powered on! It was charged to 40% and seemed to be functioning normally.  

I gave the phone about 20 minutes to see if it would stay on, and it did! I did try to charge it and it did not respond well to that.  Once i tried charging it the phone turned off every 20 minutes.  

So I think I need to say good bye for real. *sad face*

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