Moments from 9-7-16

Torrential rains are the best thing to get me to sleep. I had a bit of a rough night (tossing and turning) too bad for me that the rain did not start coming down until 6:45AM when I should be getting ready to carry my ass to the gym.


Instead of going to the gym I took a nap in the comforting rain.


I also busted the zipper clean of my pants while sitting at my desk at work.  

Water weight + neglect = wardrobe malfunctions


I had my spinal MRI tonight.  The intake woman was one of the most colorful characters I had met in a while(still pales in comparison to Shirley, but she definitely made an impression on me) while still keeping me calm.  I guess it was very apparent I was nervous.  On first sight, she was a regular older woman.  She had her curls loosely pulled back from her face, which even through that strong melanin was showing some age. She was warm and in that moment I definitely needed that.  Elliott was going to go to the store to get some more fruit while I was in the scanner and he asked me what I wanted.  The woman at the desk immediately interjected,


“She wants grapes.  You can’t beat a good grape”.


She then went on to tell me some stories about her and food:

  1. Eats all the sweet grapes out of the bunch and leaves the rest for her daughter, who apparently does not notice or care that she is not getting the same quality of grapes as her mother.

  2. She only eats the big potato chips.  Meaning she will not eat any of the chips once they crumble or crackle. Will in fact, turn up her nose if offered potato chip crumbs.

  3. She would buy 2lbs of shrimp. The first pound they would eat together.  Then after her daughter would go to bed she would have that second pound as a treat for herself.


Don’t know why I felt so compelled to share that, but I was cracking up in that waiting room filling out those bland ass forms listening to her stories.


Whole30 Note: strawberries tasted soooo good today. Is the sugar deprivation kicking in? Must be...

Mary Shaw