The 9834398489982498347th time is the charm!

the dawn of a diagnosis.

I am always terrified to start writing. To be honest, shit has to be pretty bad to put words on a page.  This could qualify as being pretty bad.  I am in waiting for a .medical diagnosis. An autoimmune disease with a pretty bad reputation. Last October it s tarted with a pins and needles feeling on my left side that escalated to numbness, followed by sporadic painful spasms. After a trip to the ER and my PCP all signs pointed to inconclusive. Just a temporary paresthesia. All of this language to make sure that I felt the compassion but they had no idea what the fuck was actually happening.  

Being the resourceful young woman that I am, I took to Dr. Google to see if I could make sense of these crazy symptoms.  I read post after post that said I may be in the beginning stages of multiple sclerosis.  Needless to say that lead down a bit of a dark road.  When I asked my doctors, they said it was far too soon to say that i was dealing with an autoimmune disease.

Those issues did eventually subside and were quickly forgotten. During that time I added more electrolytes to my diet and eliminated sugar. My good friend Carolyn suggested that I look in to autoimmune protocol diets since I thought this might be what I am suffering from.   I decided to take a test drive into the Whole 30, but never really followed through. I managed to cut out most sugar and artificial ingredients for a few weeks, but I did not stop drinking.  Yup, we'll just call it a test drive.

Fast forward to June. My Job was as shitty as ever, my boyfriend was working nights (I was on days), and I just can't seem to remain focused on anything. I am the most miserable, fat, and lonely I can ever recall myself being. Then one fateful Saturday morning I wake up to not being able to fully see out of my left eye. But I was not terrified. I had given my 2 weeks notice at the place that was so miserable that not even blindness could make me feel like shit. Hell, I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity that very day, limited vision be damned!

That Monday I went to see my PCP, and was referred to an ophthalmologist.  After a series of tests they were pretty sure I had otic neuritis, which was later confirmed by an MRI.  Optic neuritis couped with the symptoms last fall is pretty much 1 step away from a final diagnosis of MS. So now the journey begins....

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