B*tches and their exclamation marks. Work emails explained.

I am not much of a conformist, but this is definitely an exception to that rule.

Exclamation point in work emails because I am a woman. When I first started working in an office environment I wondered why women would use so many exclamation points in their emails to express regular shit.

After receiving some less than favorable reactions from other women in the office, I learned to conform to this bull shit practice.


Boss: The meeting stars at 3pm.  If this is a schedule conflict due to last minute notice, just let me know.

Me: I will definitely be able to make it! I have to make extra copies, I will be there soon!

Why does that need to be exclaimed? A period would suffice just fine.  However in he land of emails a period could be read as you being short with someone.  As women we are expected to be warm and friendly at all times, but why do we have to be so damn bubbly?

I am also mad at myself for actively deciding to participate in this stupidity. Damn. Maybe I'll start the exclamation point revolution tomorrow--probably not.