Adulting #2

Do you use your google drive? If not, you are really compromising the quality of life that you could have.

Maybe that is a bit of an overstatement, but for someone who was born with no natural organizing ability these programs (or application, I don't know the right terminology for God's sake I am not 19 and can't keep up) can be accessed from all of my mobile devices and I don't have to worry if I forgot to do something (calendar), have all of the groceries I needed ( a doc, shared with my SO), have enough money left over this month to purchase whatever whimsical thing caught my eye online (sheets) , or be prepared to present something for one of my small side hustles (presentations).

Now if only this translated to spatial organization, because my desk at work and my closet are at full nightmare status at all times.  Needless to say, that shit is not my ministry.

The satisfaction that comes from reducing giant headaches into tiny micro sized pieces of data is more satisfying than it should be.  I am definitely getting more wack as I age. 

The adulting is happening y'all, and I am only slightly mad about it.