Adulting #1

For years I have been trying to create a budget and live by it. I would spend hours trying to organize m,y money but at the end of the day all it felt like I was doing was "robbing Peter, to pay Paul" as the old folks say.

Getting phone calls from numbers that are not saved in my phone book, and just hittin' the "ignore" button with the swiftness. Seeing how long you can really avoid paying Comcast before they let you know that all of your services will be stopped.  I have played the game of chicken with bill paying better than I thought I would have.  If you would have asked me in high school or even the beginning of college if I would be an expert at bill dodging I probably would have laughed in your face. Then reality hit, and I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, so that meant that all the debt that I racked up fell solely on me.  

It was not until I went to apply for a balance transfer on my credit card that I realized how much I may have royally fucked myself. So being the lackadaisical adult that I was in that time, I just decided to do nothing. BIG MISTAKE. 

It was to the point that I did every little odd job I could to make extra cash so that I could start to fix my finances.  And since I was not working a great job at the time, the level of stress just skyrocketed to new highs. So my hustle mode fell off, because at the end of the day I ended up spending the little bit of extra cash that I made on my retail therapy.


Fast forward a few years and I now can get mu budget done in a reasonable amount of time with no blood, sweat, or tears.  The secret you ask? I literally had to get a new job that paid more.  Seems pretty simple but you will not believe the time I spent beating myself up about my financial situation when I literally just did not have the coins to be 100% on time with every bill.

I am not 100% on top of the finance game, but let me tell you it is faaaarrrrr better than it was.  Crossing the finish line into 30 and I am feeling insanely better.