dairy free blood orange panna cotta

Now there is no need to tell me that this dessert I made is not Whole 30 compliant. I already know that. However, I was not participating in the Whole 30 this go around but I wanted to make something that they would not have to feel as guilty about if they decided to cheat on the challenge a little. Whole 30 is challenging and takes the will of a saint to complete with no compliance violations.

I engaged in my own Whole 30 diet last September and only made it 18 days with no cheats. Long story short, once I gave in I gave up on Whole 30.

Since I try to keep my life dairy free I challenged myself to make a dessert that was complaint. After endless hours of scrolling through Pinterest, I gave up. Ha! I wanted something dairy free, where I was in possession of most of the ingredients, and if I did need to purchase some I wanted them to be reasonably priced. The hubris! What I did find was something that looked rich, and those looks were not dececing. Combine the light citrus flavor in the panna cotta with the fresh slice of blood orange on top and I was on cloud 9.

blood orange panna cotta

Dairy Free Blood Orange Panna Cotta

A cheat dessert for some Whole 30 friends.


Tomato and Mushroom Galette w/ braised short ribs

Sometimes inspiration strikes, and on this day it may have struck so hard that it had given me dizziness. I had pre-made the galette dough for an excess of apples I had received in my Seasonal Roots basket, but then I wondered what kind of savory meat pies I could bring to life for a quick-ish after work dinner. I quickly browned some short ribs in my dutch oven then set them to braise on a lazy Sunday.  After a survey of the ingredients I had on hand I put together this savory delight in under an hour. To be fair, this is not something that will move this quickly without the accidental preparation I had done in the days prior. However, each step made it well worth it!

Savory Tomato Galette

SAvory Tomato and Mushroom Galette 


w/ Braised short ribs

Let your imagination give your tastebuds a treat. A rich, flaky, buttery crust filled with slow roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, and herbs.

meat pie close up


Hungry yet?